UNT Peace Corps Prep Certificate | Peace Corps Prep Program

UNT Peace Corps Prep Certificate

The Peace Corps Prep Program (PCPP) is a formal partnership between the University of North Texas and the U.S. Peace Corps to help prepare students for service as Peace Corps Volunteers or for global careers.

UNT's Peace Corps Prep Program provides UNT undergraduate students with the opportunity to earn a Peace Corps Prep Certificate. UNT's Peace Corps Prep Certificate provides UNT students with unique benefits, including:

  • Degree Specialization: Allows students to complete a globally-focused UNT certificate that counts toward their degrees
  • Professional Development: Prepares students to be competitive applicants for the Peace Corps and other global careers
  • Experience: Provides professional global training and experience
  • Knowledge: Contributes to intercultural competence and global knowledge
  • Leadership: Builds global leadership skills

Download the UNT Peace Corps Prep Certificate Student Guide